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Aid workers in Iraq stung by hatred of West

International aid workers, whose pacifist-tinged neutrality once protected them from harm while they worked in combat zones, now find themselves as hated by militants in Iraq as the American soldiers there. The militants target them as missionaries for a Western-style culture that they consider a threat to Islamic traditions, and ordinary Iraqis fear the presence of a foreign aid worker in their midst will attract the next suicide bomber.

Different peas in an Iraqi pod

WASHINGTON - Humanitarian aid groups blame the Pentagon for "blurring the lines" between their staff and US-led coalition troops, which has resulted in an unprecedented number of aid workers being targeted by terrorists in Iraq.

Twenty years on, Bhopal scars remain

WASHINGTON - On the eve of the 20th anniversary of India's deadly Bhopal gas disaster, a leading human-rights group has lambasted the Indian government and Dow Chemical Co for failing to ensure that the survivors of the tragedy received adequate compensation and medical assistance.