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Ukraine crisis: US imposes fresh sanctions on Russia The US on Monday imposed a fresh round of economic sanctions on Russian officials and entities, ratcheting up pressure on Moscow in an effort to halt its meddling in eastern Ukraine.
US readies fresh sanctions against Russia U.S. Secretary of State John F. Kerry on Thursday accused Russia of “distraction, deception and destabilisation” in eastern Ukraine and warned that it will face crippling sanctions if it does not stop fomenting unrest. Kerry’s warning came hours after Russia conducted military exercises near Ukraine’s border and a week after the US, Russia, European Union and Ukraine agreed in Geneva to take steps to de-escalate the crisis.
US unhappy over Hamas-Fatah pact   The Obama administration has criticised reconciliation between rival Palestinian groups, describing it as "troubling" and a blow to the currently stalled peace process with Israel.
In Afghanistan, the ballot is stronger than the bullet With all the bad news that has been dominating the headlines in recent months, the elections in Afghanistan came as a breath of fresh air.
Saber rattling on the Korean Peninsula Barack Obama came to office promising to end the U.S.’ involvement in wars halfway across the globe and to focus his attention at home — on rebuilding America.