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Civil War Pushes Sudan to the Brink of Humanitarian Disaster

 Away from the headlines dominated by the wars in Gaza and Ukraine, a civil war between Sudan’s military and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) is pushing the country to the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe. As an allegedly genocidal RSF gains the upper hand, a U.N. official has warned that Sudan is “facing a convergence of a worsening humanitarian calamity and a catastrophic human rights crisis.”

Ukraine War Outcome Will Shape China’s Behavior, Say US Senators

The outcome of the war in Ukraine will likely shape China’s behavior toward its neighbors, two US senators — one a Democrat the other a Republican — told the CEPA Forum on September 28. “I don’t know what [Chinese President] Xi Jinping is going to do, but neither does anyone else. Perhaps he doesn’t even know what he’s going to do. But I can guarantee you one thing: the leadership of the Communist Party of China is watching what happens in Ukraine,” said US Senator Roger Wicker (Republican-Mississippi.)

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Seeks More Military Aid for Ukraine

Ukraine urgently needs long-range weapons it needs to win the war against Russia, Gabrielius Landsbergis, Lithuania’s minister of foreign affairs, told the CEPA Forum on September 28. He said, however, that he has observed a “slowing down of urgency” in Western support for Ukraine.

José Andrés: ‘Food Is a National Security Issue’

Chef José Andrés views food as a national security issue. He also believes there is a need for a radical shift in the approach to addressing hunger and the role of international organizations in combating this crisis.

Romania Worries About Fallout from Ukraine War

Russia’s war in Ukraine is getting uncomfortably close to Romania and has had a detrimental effect on security in the Black Sea region, Romanian Foreign Minister Luminița Odobescu told the CEPA Forum on September 27. 

Mitch McConnell — US Military Aid for Ukraine Must Continue

US Senator Mitch McConnell (Republican-KY), in his remarks to the CEPA Forum on September 27, reiterated the importance of continuing support for Ukraine, emphasizing its alignment with US interests and the minimal cost involved.

NATO Members See No Alternative to Ukraine Aid, says Julianne Smith

 Ukraine will be front and center at NATO’s Washington summit in July, Julianne Smith, the permanent representative of the United States to NATO, told the CEPA Forum on September 27.

Food for Thought

Russia’s war of aggression has had a significant impact on Ukraine’s agricultural sector, the ripples of which are being felt as far away as the Middle East and North Africa, Rodrigo Santos, head of the Crop Science Division at Bayer AG, told the CEPA Forum on September 27.

Moldova’s President Calls Out Russian Meddling

  Moldovan President H. E. Maia Sandu says Russia is meddling in her country’s democratic processes in an attempt to scuttle Moldova’s plans to join the European Union (EU.) Addressing the CEPA Forum on September 26, Sandu urged the international community to support Moldova’s EU integration effort, its ongoing reforms, and its attempts to counter hybrid attacks coming from Russia. 

Winning the Peace

The United States needs to provide Ukraine with more military aid so that it can win the war against Russia, but it must also have a plan to win the peace once the war is over, Stephen J. Hadley, a former national security advisor to US President George W. Bush, told the 2023 CEPA Forum , “Winning the War, Winning the Peace,” on September 26.

Kurdish Official Lists ISIS and Climate Change as Top Threats

More than five years since the Iraqi government declared victory over ISIS, a senior Kurdish official says the terrorist group is among the top threats facing the region. Alongside ISIS, Rebar Ahmed, minister of interior in the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), listed climate change and the resource scarcities and migration it would trigger as a critical challenge.

Fighting Corruption Harder than Fighting ISIS, Says Iraq’s Deputy Prime Minister

Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Fuad Hussein on February 10 laid out the new Iraqi government’s priorities, outlined areas of common interest with the United States and defended his country’s relations with Iran, Russia and China — countries that are all at odds with the United States.