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Pathbreaking energy source unveiled

Inventor K.R. Sridhar describes it as "the plug-and-play future of electricity." The Indian American Silicon Valley entrepreneur and former NASA scientist on Wednesday unveiled his "Bloom Box," which can generate energy by combining air and a range of fuels without going through the dirty process of combustion — all in its owner's back yard.

Biden urges Senate to ratify CTBT

Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday urged the US Senate to ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty saying he believed that all "reasonable concerns" raised by opponents of this treaty had been addressed. In 1998, the Senate voted by a wide margin against ratifying the CTBT and since then the treaty has not gained much support on Capitol Hill.

Under pressure

Washington: Rajendra K. Pachauri, the chairman of the United Nations’ panel tasked with monitoring global warming, is experiencing firsthand the effects of climate change. The warm praise he received in 2007 when his panel shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore has swiftly turned to icy criticism amid revelations of inaccurate data in the panel’s prediction on melting Himalayan glaciers.

Cash for Peace

Is the reconciliation formula an admission of US defeat?

‘The PM’s Not A Friend But I Worked On His Behalf In The US’

Sant Singh Chatwal is no stranger to controversy. The latest saga involves a decision by the Indian government to bestow the Padma Bhushan on the New York City hotelier. In an exclusive phone interview with Ashish Kumar Sen, Chatwal defends himself.