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Professor elected as prime minister of Libya

Libya ’s interim leadership on Monday elected an electrical engineering professor who has taught in the United States as the country’s new prime minister.

Rajat Gupta held, pleads not guilty; out on $10mn bail

Rajat K Gupta, the Kolkota-born former director of Goldman Sachs and former global head of McKinsey & Co., on Wednesday pleaded not guilty to insider trading charges.

Clinton defends U.S. efforts to talk with terrorists

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Thursday defended the Obama administrations efforts to talk to the Taliban and an al Qaeda -linked terrorist network, but skeptical members of Congress said this approach cannot work without support from Pakistan .

Activists fear Egyptian military is crushing hopes from revolution

In the eight months since the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak, Egypt's ruling military has postponed presidential elections, extended a controversial emergency law, cracked down on peaceful demonstrators and arrested critics.

Gadhafi caught, killed in Libya

Moammar Gadhafi, who brutally ruled Libya for more than four decades, died of gunshot wounds after he was captured in his hometown of Sirte on Thursday, but his death leaves many challenges for the revolutionary council now ruling the oil-rich North African nation.

To Upset The Apple Cart-el

Why did India not figure in Steve Jobs’s vision?

U.S. wants all Myanmar political prisoners freed

Myanmar's military-backed government must release all political prisoners and stop violating the rights of ethnic minorities before it can expect normal relations with the United States, a top Obama administration official said Monday.

What happened to Obama?

When Barack Obama took the oath as the first black president of the United States of America on a frigid January morning in 2009, he inherited a nation that was deeply divided, embroiled in two unpopular wars halfway across the globe and sliding speedily into the treacherous abyss of an economic recession.

Virginian held on charges of surveilling foes of Assad

The Justice Department has charged a Syrian-born U.S. citizen with spying on Americans demonstrating against Syria’s Assad regime and passing that information on to Syria intelligence officers to intimidate the protesters.

Security forces abduct thousands in Syria

Scores of youths have been abducted from cities across Syria in what residents say is a campaign by the state’s security services to stoke sectarian tensions and break the back of a months-long protest against President Bashar Assad’s regime.

Arab Spring Hits The Street

Greed is no longer good? America’s have-nots put fatcats in the crosshairs of popular anger.

Shed Afghan-India paranoia for peace: Obama to Pakistan

President Barack Obama said on Thursday that he wants to help Pakistan realise that a peaceful relationship with India is in the best interest of the region, but he admitted that changing the Pakistani approach would be a challenge.

Son of Congo’s former dictator a candidate for president

The son of Congo’s former dictator vowed to use military force to crack down on Congolese soldiers and rebels who have kept up a years-long campaign of rape against civilians in the Central African nation, saying he will hold the guilty accountable if he is elected president.

U.N. veto called ‘green light’ for Assad

Syrians seeking the ouster of President Bashar Assad’s regime and European officials on Wednesday chided Russia and China for vetoing a U.N. resolution aimed at pressuring the embattled autocracy.

Western effort to end Assad’s crackdown fails

Russia and China on Tuesday vetoed a U.N. Security Council resolution that called on Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime to respect human rights and stop using violence against civilians taking part in a months-long bid to oust the government.

Government ties killing of ex-president to Pakistan

The assassination of Afghanistan’s former president was plotted in Pakistan, the government said Sunday, increasing pressure on its neighbor that already is facing heat from the Obama administration about its ties to recent terrorist attacks.