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The good man who ended up bad   Rajat K. Gupta scaled the highest peaks of his profession. At the top, he rubbed shoulders with Bill Clinton, Bill Gates and Kofi Annan. In the November of 2009, when US President Barack Obama hosted his Administration’s first state dinner in honour of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Gupta and his wife Anita were among those to be invited to the exclusive soiree. Gupta’s life was an inspiration. He was living the American dream . But that dream turned into a nightmare less than two years ago.
Syrian war boils over onto U.S. allies; outside jihadists rush in Syria ’s protracted civil war is spilling across its borders, creating breeding grounds for extremists, sharpening sectarian schisms and threatening to destabilize U.S. allies in the Middle East.
Lebanese lawmaker calls for government to resign A senior member of the Lebanese Parliament has accused the government of colluding with assassins and said it must resign to prevent the country from drifting into chaos.
Piracy increasing near West Africa, declining near East Africa Criminal gangs have stepped up attacks on ships off Africa’s west coast, even as similar incidents involving Somali pirates off the continent’s east coast have declined sharply, according to the International Maritime Bureau .
Asia will resist U.S. efforts to contain China, says Singapore diplomat Asian nations will resist any U.S. attempts to block the rise of China , as Washington pursues a new strategy in the Asia-Pacific region, according to Singapore ’s former ambassador in Washington.
Chinese policies blamed in worsening U.S. deficit China has done nothing to end trade practices that favor Chinese enterprises at the expense of U.S. workers and businesses, says a report by a congressional commission.
Congressional report hits Chinese trade practices China has done nothing to end trade practices that favor Chinese enterprises at the expense of U.S. workers and businesses, a report by a congressional commission says.
Fuel riches could bring Cypriots to table NEW YORK — The discovery of vast reserves of oil and natural gas off the coast of Cyprus has ignited hope for stalled talks to reunify the Mediterranean island, which is split into an internationally recognized ethnic-Greek south and an ethnic-Turkish north.
Head of U.N. alarmed by Turkey-Syria tensions U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon expressed alarm Thursday over the growing tension on the Turkish-Syrian border after Turkey ’s Parliament authorized military operations against Syria .
Quarrel between Japan, S. Korea may destabilize region The Obama administration ’s strategic pivot toward Asia could be adversely affected by a territorial quarrel between two key U.S. allies, Japan and South Korea , over a rocky outcrop of islands.
Iran’s foreign minister blasts Israel’s ‘war drum beaters’ Iran ’s foreign minister on Monday accused Israel ’s leaders of being “war drum beaters” and said his country will zealously defend itself against any attack.