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One Wrong Mark, A Home Loan Lost

Credit bureau reports are not free of risk to consumer interest, as the US Public Interest Research Group (USPIRG) found.

Wrong Hoss

United States President George Bush's name wasn't on the ballot the day the Pakistanis went to the hustings. Yet the stunning rout of the Pakistan Muslim League (Qaid) is partially being attributed here to the close alliance the party's patron, President Pervez Musharraf, holds with the Bush administration.

A perfect 10 for Obama

Senator Barack Obama dealt a significant blow to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential dreams on Tuesday by decisively winning the Wisconsin primary and Hawaii caucuses - his ninth and 10th consecutive victories over the former first lady.

The Injun Incline

How do the India strategies of the US presidential hopefuls stack up?

Seven gunned down in US varsity

A gunman dressed in black emerged from behind a curtain at a lecture hall at Northern Illinois University (NIU) on Thursday and shot 21 persons, seven of them fatally, before killing himself.

Obama on a roll: Takes all 3 primaries; ditto McCain

Illinois Democratic Senator Barack Obama extended his winning streak on Tuesday night when he emerged triumphant in Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland and picked up enough delegates to vault past Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, the frontrunner for the party's presidential nomination.

Congressman Lantos dead

Congressman Tom Lantos, the Democratic chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and a prominent friend of India’s on Capitol Hill, died on Monday. He had been battling cancer of the oesophagus.

Obama closes in on Hillary

Barack Obama on Saturday won all four Democratic contests, cutting Hillary Clinton’s delegate lead.

Yard findings credible: US

President George W. Bush’s administration believes the Scotland Yard investigation into Benazir Bhutto’s death is “credible”, even though the Pakistan People’s Party has expressed incredulity at the findings.

The Other Side Of Trust

Microsoft's grand plans may run into US antitrust authorities bent on upholding competition.

McCain likely to be Republican nominee

Mitt Romney, a onetime favourite for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, stunned supporters by suspending his campaign on Thursday. The former Massachusetts governor’s decision clears the path for Sen John McCain to be the Republican nominee in November.

We don’t want 2006-like truce in Pak: US

Even as Taliban militants declared a ceasefire in fighting with Pakistani troops on Wednesday, the Bush administration said it would oppose any truce that resembled an earlier deal struck by President Pervez Musharraf with the militants.

Super Tuesday: No clear winner in Democratic Party

Super Tuesday ended with no clear winner in the Democratic Party for the presidential nomination and a septuagenarian senator in the lead to claim the Republican Party’s nomination for the election in November.

In Exile From Truth

When Mahatma Gandhi's grandson wrote a blog accusing Israel and Jews of being the biggest players in a "culture of violence", he had hoped to stir up a "healthy discussion".