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Syrian forces abused, killed kids, report says

Children were raped, tortured, illegally detained and shot dead in a crackdown by Syria's military and security forces on protesters for democracy, a U.N. investigation reported Monday.

New rebel alliance undermines Darfur peace effort

Sudanese rebels in Darfur have formed an alliance with other armed groups to overthrow the government in the capital, Khartoum, in a move that links separate conflicts in the North African nation and undermines ongoing peace efforts in Darfur.

Pakistani ambassador warns against U.S. aid cutoff

Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States on Wednesday warned against cutting off U.S. aid to his country, after a Republican presidential candidate called for an end to foreign assistance to the South Asian country where intelligence officials are suspected of supporting terrorists.

Keep The TV, Gimme Gold

Burglars strike Indian-American homes for gold.

Just A Head To Roll?

Even if you have devoured every word written on Rajat Gupta in the last few months, one question never quite goes away: Why did a man who spent a lifetime building up a reputation for unshakeable integrity throw it away so recklessly, by passing on boardroom secrets to a hedge fund billionaire?

A Miasma Of Doubt

Rajaratnam’s bile, and the confused attitude to corruption in India.

Afghans: Obama wasting time talking to terrorists

A group of senior Afghan lawmakers says the Obama administration is wasting its time in trying to make peace with the Haqqani Network, a Pakistan-based terrorist group U.S. officials have accused of killing Americans and attacking the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan.

The fall of an icon

If there is one question Silicon Valley venture capitalist Kanwal Rekhi would like to ask his longtime friend, Rajat K. Gupta, it would be this: "Why? Pray tell, why?" Gupta, the Kolkata-born former director of Goldman Sachs who shattered the proverbial glass ceiling in Corporate America when he became the first non-white and non-U.S.-born head of McKinsey & Co., is facing insider trading charges that carry a potential penalty of 105 years in prison.

U.N. envoy offers to mediate dispute over Camp Ashraf

A U.N. envoy on Thursday offered to broker the peaceful closing of a camp for Iranian exiles in Iraq where residents and U.S. lawmakers say an Iraqi military crackdown may be imminent.

Lawmakers fear Iranian dissidents face assault in Iraq

Nearly three dozen U.S. lawmakers are urging U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to prevent a fresh outbreak of violence at a camp for former Iranian resistance fighters in Iraq .

Ex-pats return to build a new African nation — South Sudan

JUBA, South Sudan — Sitting in fading daylight in the front yard of a small hotel in Africa’s newest nation, Jimmy Makuach recounts a life torn apart by civil war.