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Russia terrorist attack highlights increase in female suicide bombers Western intelligence agencies and analysts for years have been warning that al Qaeda and other terrorist groups are increasingly relying on a deadly weapon in their tool kits: female suicide bombers.
Kalashnikov, designer of revolutionary AK-47 assault rifle, dies in Russia Osama bin Laden always kept one within arm’s reach. Its silhouette can be seen crossed with a hoe on the national flag of Mozambique . Chilean leftist President Salvador Allende died in the famous 1973 coup holding one — a gift from Cuban ally Fidel Castro . Its distinctive image has been emblazoned across T-shirts and vodka bottles around the world.  
An execution in North Korea As falls go, the purge and brisk execution of Jang Sung Taek will rank among the most precipitous and astonishing.
Indian diplomat's arrest in U.S. upsets New Delhi   An Indian diplomat was arrested in New York on Thursday on the charge that she allegedly used "false and fraudulent" documents to support the US visa application for an Indian woman she employed as a babysitter and housekeeper.
Urge Karzai to ink security pact, U.S. tells India US President Barack Obama’s administration -- frustrated by Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s reluctance to sign a security agreement that would keep US troops in Afghanistan beyond 2014 -- has asked India to lean on the Afghan President to initial the pact.
U.S. teacher shot dead in Benghazi after al Qaeda call for violence Gunmen shot dead an American teacher as he was jogging Thursday in Benghazi, the city in eastern Libya where the U.S. ambassador was slain last year.
Syria nightmare: Fresh fears about al Qaeda fighters there returning home as sleeper terrorists Westerners have joined al Qaeda-linked groups in Syria in unprecedented numbers, increasing the risk that they will strike their home countries, including the U.S., a key Republican lawmaker said Thursday.
China accuses Japan of raising tensions over new air defense zone China accused Japan of threatening regional stability Wednesday, less than two weeks after Beijing expanded its air defense zone around a group of East China Sea islands claimed by both Japan and China .
No territorial budging on East China Sea by Biden or Beijing Vice President Joseph R. Biden delivered stern warnings to Chinese leaders Wednesday over their territorial dispute with Japan , but his message appeared to fall flat as China ratcheted up its war of words with Tokyo.
Iran official: Sanctions ‘utterly failed’ to stop nuclear program Economic sanctions against Iran “have failed utterly,” the Islamic republic’s foreign minister said of Western efforts to curtail Tehran’s disputed nuclear program, just days after securing a deal with world powers to temporarily ease some of those same sanctions.
A game of chicken in Kabul The word dysfunctional best sums up the state of the relationship between Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Washington.
Economy top concern of post-Arab Spring Tunisians: poll Most Tunisians say their economic situation is worse than it has ever been, worry that their country is headed in the wrong direction but prefer an unstable democracy over a stable authoritarian regime.  
Obama weak on foreign policy, national security: poll The majority of Americans believe President Obama is too weak on foreign policy and national security issues, and they fear that U.S. global power and prestige are in decline, according to a new poll by the Pew Research Center .