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Obama picks Hillary’s Indian American adviser

Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton on Friday made their first joint appearance after a hard-fought contest at a campaign rally in a New Hampshire town not ironically named Unity. In keeping with the theme of the day, Obama picked a senior Indian American Clinton aide to serve as an adviser on his presidential campaign.

In the land of the free, fear still rules

Washington: On a recent summer morning, CNN was telling its viewers that Senator Barack Obama had spent yet another day urging Americans not to be afraid of him.

US lawmakers want access to A.Q. Khan

Four prominent members of the US Congress have asked the Bush administration to urge the government in Islamabad to make rogue scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan available for interrogation by US officials.

India cautioned on ties with Iran

India was admonished on Wednesday by a longtime friend in the US Congress for continuing its relationship with Iran.

US aid to Pakistan unaccounted for

Among the bills presented by Pakistan to the United States for its help in the so-called "war on terror" is one for the upkeep of its air defence radar.

Indian women 'get wild' in US soap

An American web mini series that portrays attractive young women as part of a "group of dangerous Indian beauties" is creating ripples in the expatriate Indian community.

‘The Love Guru’ gets thumbs down

Hollywood actor Mike Myers’ “The Love Guru,” panned by movie critics even before it hit theatres in America, is also getting a thumbs down from a Hindu group. The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) declared the movie to be vulgar and crude, but not anti-Hindu.

Any deal with terrorists will haunt Pak: Rice

US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice has issued a stern warning to Pakistan over Islamabad’s strategy of offering a truce to militants operating along the lawless Afghan border. Rice said on Wednesday that Washington had made it “very clear” that any deal with terrorists will come back “first and foremost” to “haunt Pakistan.”

US to work on it till Jan 20, Bush’s last day in office

As deadlines come and go, administration officials here, frustrated at attempts in India to block a civilian nuclear agreement, say they are committed to pushing the deal until January 20, President George Bush's last day in office.

Champion spellers

Why Indian children do so well in US spelling contests?

Golf Digest apologises to Sikhs

A US sports magazine, Golf Digest, has issued an apology to the Sikh community for using an image of Guru Arjun Dev in its May edition. Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund (SALDEF) complained after the magazine featured an article titled “The Golf Guru” which answers readers’ questions about general topics associated with golf.

I’ll back Obama, says Hillary

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on Saturday suspended her historic 16-month-long presidential campaign and endorsed one-time rival senator Barack Obama on a hot and steamy Washington afternoon.

Bush misused Iraq intelligence: Report

A scathing Senate intelligence committee report says President George W. Bush and his administration “misrepresented the intelligence and threat” from Iraq on the eve of invasion in 2003.

Hillary to end campaign on Saturday

Hillary Rodham Clinton will end her presidential campaign on Saturday and endorse rival Barack Obama, according to her aides.

Finally, Obama the winner

Barack Obama late on Tuesday declared himself the "Democratic nominee for the post of the President of the USA ," but his rival, Hillary Rodham Clinton, refused to concede.

Democrats like Jason Rae hold key to nomination

Jason Rae was no average five year old. In November of 1992, as his parents headed out to the polling station, the young boy exhorted them to “vote for Bill!” Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton went on to become president.

Obama quits church membership

Senator Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, have ended their two-decade-long association with a black Chicago church, an acknowledgment that racially divisive preachings from pastors there had become a liability for his presidential campaign.

Hillary suffers another blow

The Democratic Party dealt a blow to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's White House dreams on Saturday making it now more than likely that the end of the road is near for her campaign.