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Report: Anti-Americanism handicaps U.S. aid in Pakistan High levels of anti-Americanism in Pakistan have “handicapped” U.S. efforts to support development in the South Asian nation, according to a new study.
Castro open to talks ‘any day’ U.S. wants Cuban President Raul Castro on Thursday said he is ready for talks with the United States, a day after the Obama administration slammed the communist government for detaining mourners at the funeral of a prominent Cuban dissident.
Primary Colours Could the US have an Indian vice-prez?
Occupational Hazards How the Obama brand paled, the American prez as victim of his own popularity, unrealistic expectations
Terrified Syrians pack up to flee capital Fighting between rebels and Syrian forces intensified and spread across the capital of Damascus on Tuesday as diplomats scrambled to shore up a tough international response to the “civil war” ahead of a U.N. deadline for withdrawing observers.
Former president of the Maldives charged with illegally arresting judge The former president of the Maldives was charged Monday with illegally ordering the arrest of a senior judge, escalating tensions on the Indian ocean island nation.
Power at core of dispute in Egypt The power struggle that has pitted Egypt ’s first democratically elected president against his country’s courts and military has drifted into murky legal waters, leaving analysts, officials and ordinary Egyptians scratching their heads over the question: who has the law on their side?
From bullets to ballot box: Libyans freely cast votes When the uprising erupted in Libya last year, Adam Sbati closed his schoolbooks and left the secure campus of George Mason University in Fairfax County to rush to his parents' homeland and join ragtag rebels fighting Moammar Gadhafi.
Cyprus to pursue growth and austerity during its EU presidency The government of Cyprus will rely on a combination of austerity measures and growth programs to dig its way out of a financial crisis that has forced it to turn to its European Union partners for aid, the Cypriot ambassador in Washington said Tuesday.