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India, US agree on N-reprocessing

India and the United States have reached a deal on reprocessing American-origin spent nuclear fuel to be supplied to India under the landmark civil nuclear agreement signed in September 2008.

Phantom Under The Naked Bulb

Forget getting Headley to India, will India get to Headley even in the US?

India will have to revisit its Pak policy soon: Qureshi

Pakistan’s foreign minister says he is confident India will have to “revisit” its position that it will not resume the composite dialogue with Pakistan until concrete action is taken against those responsible for acts of terrorism against India.

Kashmir, energy pop up in US-Pakistan talks

The U.S. and Pakistan on Wednesday embarked on a two-day effort aimed at reversing years of mistrust. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton hailed the strategic dialogue as the "start of something new." She admitted the U.S. and Pakistan had "had our misunderstandings and disagreements in the past, and there are sure to be more disagreements in the future."

Pak wants N-parity with India, US mum

The Obama administration has not entered into negotiations with Pakistan on a civilian nuclear deal similar to the one George W. Bush’s administration struck with India, according to US government sources. Earlier, Anne Patterson, the US ambassador to Pakistan, reportedly told a Los Angeles-based paper the US was considering "working-level talks" with the Pakistani government on a nuclear deal.

India can quiz Headley in US

David Coleman Headley has cut a deal with prosecutors that ensures he will not be extradited to India to face prosecution in connection with the 2008 Mumbai attacks, but his attorney says Headley will make himself available to Indian interrogators as long as they travel to the US.

Osama unlikely to be caught alive: US

US Attorney-General Eric Holder on Tuesday told lawmakers it was unlikely that Osama bin Laden would be captured alive and tried in a US courthouse.

India, not Kashmir, Lashkar’s true goal

Recent actions by Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) have fuelled a belief in Washington that the militant group’s agenda is much broader than a resolution of the Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan.

Press Pak to crush Lashkar, Obama urged

US lawmakers on Thursday urged the Obama administration to press Islamabad to crack down against Lashkar-e-Toiba, a Pakistan-based militant group blamed for the 2008 Mumbai attacks and more recently suspected in a deadly attack against Indians in Afghanistan.

‘Lashkar behind Kabul attack’

Afghan intelligence officials believe Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba was behind last week’s attack in Kabul that killed 17 people, including six Indians, and that the gunmen sought out Indian victims. A senior US official, meanwhile, said he did not believe the attackers were targeting Indians and warned against jumping to conclusions.