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Protesters fill Cairo’s Tahrir Square, demand Morsi’s resignation Hundreds of thousands of protesters marked Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi’s first anniversary in office Sunday with demonstrations in Cairo and in other cities across the country, demanding that the Islamist leader step down for failing to tackle economic and security problems.
US Senate bill to affect Indian firms The United States Senate on Thursday passed a comprehensive immigration reform legislation that includes a path to citizenship for an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants and, worryingly for the Indian tech sector, places restrictions on companies that depend on skilled foreign workers.
With social media, middle classes in Brazil, Turkey grow stronger, angrier Mass protests in Brazil and halfway around the world in Turkey are the latest manifestations of the coming of age of a politically aware global middle class that, armed with little more than Twitter and Facebook , is demanding greater government accountability, basic rights and a more equitable distribution of resources.
The Greater Spy Is Obama turning out to be more like Bush on national security?
Afghan President Hamid Karzai recesses security talks with U.S. Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Wednesday suspended talks on a bilateral security deal with the United States to protest the Obama administration’s handling of peace negotiations with the Taliban militants who sheltered Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan .
Olympian returns to land of Lost Boys to raise awareness of Sudan refugees’ plight More than two decades after he fled the civil war raging in his homeland, Guor Mading , one of Sudan ’s Lost Boys who is now a U.S. citizen, has returned to South Sudan to use his status as an Olympic athlete to publicize the plight of refugees who pack camps across the eastern African country.
U.S., Afghan officials to open talks with Taliban The Taliban announced Tuesday that after nearly 12 years of war in Afghanistan they are ready for talks with the United States, as senior Obama administration officials said discussions with the Islamic militants who sheltered Osama bin Laden would start within days.
U.S., allies see chance for breakthrough with Iran’s new president The United States and its Western allies see a chance for a breakthrough on containing Iran ’s suspected nuclear-weapons program with Hasan Rowhani, who won Iran ’s presidential election last week.
Obama’s plan for Syria is dangerous The Obama administration’s decision to arm the rebels in Syria is a dangerous one that will suck the United States of America into a proxy war with Russia and Iran.
Rocket attack kills 2 Iranian dissidents, wounds dozens in Iraq The Obama administration condemned as an “unprovoked terrorist attack” a rocket assault on a camp for Iranian dissidents in Iraq that killed two people and injured more than three dozen on Saturday.
Turkey welcomes Obama admin’s decision to send arms to Syrian rebels The Obama administration ’s decision to provide military support to the Syrian opposition is a timely one that will help create “a level playing field” in the war against Bashar Assad ’s regime, senior Turkish officials said on Friday.
Eye of the beholder: Pakistani shutterbugs unveil stunning photographs In a part of Pakistan where guns are everywhere, 17 young people armed only with cameras are determined to change how the world thinks about their homeland.
Reformist drops out of Iran’s presidential race A reformist candidate bowed out Tuesday of Iran ’s presidential election, boosting the chances of the last remaining pro-reform candidate who wants better ties with the West.
Hard-line Islamic group gaining popularity in Bangladesh An Islamist group that demands the death penalty for “atheist” bloggers who insult Islam and wants men and women segregated in public is gaining support in Bangladesh , a secular Muslim democracy in South Asia.  
Bobby Jindal: The Smart Politician Bobby Jindal’s recent trips outside his home state have ignited speculation that the Indian-American governor of Louisiana has his sights set firmly on a run for the White House in 2016.
Srikanth "Sri" Srinivasan: The Smart Judge The first time Srikanth ‘Sri’ Srinivasan argued a case bef­ore the US Supreme Court, he stood before the black-robed judges with a single piece of paper in his hand so that he would not appear overconfident. That paper was blank.
Ajit Jain - The Smart Manager Warren Buffet often jokes to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders that if they were ever to come across him and Ajit Jain in a sinking boat and can save one person, they should “swim to Ajit”.
Obama-Xi talks focus on cybersecurity   Cybersecurity was at the top of the agenda in talks between US President Barack Obama and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in California on Friday and Saturday, but it was the activities of Chinese hackers and not the US Government that Obama had hoped to discuss.
McCain hits U.S. policy on Syria, says Assad won’t end war Syrian President Bashar Assad will not end the two-year-old civil war that has killed more than 80,000 Syrians as long as he is winning on the battlefield, and anyone who thinks otherwise is “delusional,” Sen. John McCain said Thursday.
Fresh US waiver to India over Iran sanctions The US on Wednesday exempted India and eight other nations from sanctions, noting that they had significantly reduced their imports of crude oil from Iran.
Assad forces take control of strategic Syrian border town Syrian President Bashar Assad’s army and its Lebanese Hezbollah allies on Wednesday seized control of a strategic town near the border with Lebanon, dealing a significant blow to the rebels and raising alarm that it could now unleash a wave of reprisals against civilians.
Syrian rebels slam Russia’s blocking U.N. critique of Assad regime Syria ’s opposition called Russia “a partner in the murder of innocent civilians,” as rebels in a besieged town near the border with Lebanon on Monday accused Syrian troops and their Lebanese Hezbollah allies of killing 300 and wounding 1,300.
Kerry says time running out for Israeli-Palestinian talks Secretary of State John F. Kerry on Monday pushed for the resumption of a stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process, saying a status quo is not sustainable as time is running out.
Drones cast long shadow over U.S.-Pakistan relationship In the early hours of May 29, a missile tore through the sky and with deadly precision struck its target in Pakistan’s rugged tribal region that has turned into a safehaven for a variety of wanted men with deadly agendas.
Indian-American wins Spelling Bee for sixth straight year Indian-Americans spelled their way to success on Thursday night bagging the top three spots in the Scripps National Spelling Bee contest.