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Romney clinches Republican Party’s nomination   The Republican Party on Tuesday formally anointed Mitt Romney as its nominee to wrest the presidency from Barack Obama in November elections.
Maldives panel: President was not forced to resign A Maldives inquiry commission has determined that the Indian Ocean archipelago’s first democratically elected president was not forced to resign, as he has claimed.
Romney clinches Republican Party’s nomination   The Republican Party on Tuesday formally anointed Mitt Romney as its nominee to wrest the presidency from Barack Obama in November elections.
Sudan, South Sudan prepare for talks as they support rebels Sudan and South Sudan are still supporting rebels in each other’s country as they prepare for a fresh round of talks this week over disputes that brought the two neighbors to the brink of war earlier this year.
U.S. urges Iraq to address concerns of Iranian dissidents The State Department on Wednesday urged Iraq to continue its efforts to address humanitarian concerns raised by Iranian dissidents at a camp near Baghdad.
Top U.N. official in Iraq ‘misled’ world on camp for Iranians The top U.N. official in Iraq directed his staff to cover up the prisonlike conditions of a relocation camp for Iranian dissidents in reports to the world body, said a former U.N. official who has resigned in protest.
Afghan attacks on allies alarm departing nations Western nations preparing to withdraw from combat in Afghanistan increasingly are alarmed by Afghan security forces turning their weapons on allied troops, attacks that the Taliban claim as proof of their sway over local troops.
Collateral Errors T he letters started arriving nine years ago; each one more menacing in tone than its predecessor. “You Taliban, go back home,” read one message mailed to Joginder Singh Sodhi’s home outside Washington. As Sodhi’s young family grew, it moved into a new home. Twice. And each time the type-written letters followed.
Gurdwara shooter Michael Page had committed suicide   Wade Michael Page, the 40-year-old White supremacist who went on a shooting spree at a gurdwara in Wisconsin on Sunday, committed suicide after sustaining a bullet injury to the stomach, law enforcement authorities said on Wednesday. Page was first struck by a blast from a police officer. He then shot himself in the head.
Libya’s interim rulers cede power to elected leaders Libya ’s first democratically elected leaders now govern the North African nation, after interim rulers handed over power in a ceremony late Wednesday in the capital, Tripoli.
FBI probes motive of ‘white’ shooter US President Barack Obama said Americans would “recoil” if the shootings at a gurdwara in Wisconsin on Sunday were “motivated in some way by the ethnicity of those who were attending the temple.” Obama said he was “heartbroken” by the deadly shooting.
Gurdwara shooter identified, was ex-soldier of US army The lone White gunman who shot dead six Sikhs in cold-blood at a Milwaukee suburban gurdwara on Sunday has been identified as a 40-year-old US Army veteran with a 9/11 tattoo on his arm. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has launched a probe into the incident that law enforcement authorities have termed as "domestic terrorism". No motive has been identified behind the shooting spree. 
Iraq’s threat to close MeK camp worries White House The Obama administration is worried about a threat from the Iraqi government to forcibly shut down a camp for Iranian dissidents north of Baghdad.
Congress extends sanctions on Myanmar The Senate on Thursday approved legislation to extend some sanctions on Myanmar by another year.
U.S. wants to mend ties with Sudan The United States wants to improve ties with Sudan after more than a decade of strained relations, if the African nation ruled by an autocratic president under indictment for war crimes adopts democracy and respects human rights, a senior Obama administration official said on Wednesday.