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Needed: A congressional miracle to seal the N-deal

It is doable but the N-deal faces some hurdles in Washington.

The Split-Second Paper Chase

New Delhi needs the N-deal fast. In election-bound US, the odds, at best, point to a photofinish.

ISI hand in Kabul embassy attack: US

US officials have concluded that Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) provided “logistic support” to militants who attacked the Indian Embassy in Kabul last month, according to US media reports. The findings back up claims by New Delhi.

N-deal can be wrapped up before Bush leaves office

Former undersecretary of state R. Nicholas Burns, who till recently served as President George W. Bush's point person on the US-India civilian nuclear agreement, is optimistic that the deal can still be wrapped up before Bush leaves office in January but says the onus is on the Nuclear Suppliers Group to speedily approve the deal.