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Purple Inherits

The Civil War has ended. The 21st century has just begun.

"He Must Demonstrate Democracy Isn't A Cloak For Pursuing US Goals"

The importance of Obama's win, areas his administration is likely to focus on and what it will mean for US-India relations.

'More Has Been Read Into Kashmir Mediation Than Obama Intended'

Karl Inderfurth, an assistant secretary of state in the Clinton administration, is a key foreign policy advisor to Barack Obama, guiding him past the landmines of America's South Asia policy. He spoke to Ashish Kumar Sen on US-India relations. Excerpts:

Indian American Sonal Shah in Obama’s advisory team

President-elect Barack Obama has appointed an Indian-American, Sonal Shah, to his advisory board to assist in the smooth transition of power and many other Indian-Americans are also likely to play key roles in the Obama Administration.

‘Change has come’

History was made on Tuesday night as the United States of America decisively elected its first black president turning the page on an ugly past of racial prejudice and opening a chapter of hope and change. Barack Obama, a one-term Democratic senator from Illinois, trounced his Republican opponent, John McCain, by capturing key battleground states.

Obama opens with a landslide

Voters waited patiently outside St.Mary’s Court polling station in Northwest Washington, D.C., in a line that snaked around the block soon after polls opened at 7 a.m. on Tuesday.
In what may perhaps be a sign of the change coming to America, a tiny New Hampshire town voted 15-6 for Barack Obama, the first time it has voted for a Democrat since 1968. The town of Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, has a 60-year tradition of being first in the nation to vote and polls, which opened at midnight had a 100% turnout. Similar turnout was expected across the country.

Obama has solid lead, McCain is ‘back’

As one curtain comes down on two years of intense and at times bitter campaigning, another will go up on a new era in US politics as millions of Americans will go to the polls on Tuesday to elect their 44th President. They will make history regardless of whom they elect. A victory for Democratic nominee Barack Obama will make him America’s first black President, while a triumph for Republican nominee John McCain will make him the oldest.